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The Founder

I am Tia Hart. I am a full-time wife and mother of 2 sons, a Brand Manager, and a Digital Marketer. I have a Bachelor's in Communications with a minor focus in Psychology, and I am a CTAA Accredited Mindfulness Practitioner/Teacher. I am a woman on a mission to continue helping people find their purpose, focus on self-care, and learn their boundaries.   

For over 20 years, I serviced the Entertainment Industry (since the age of 16) by helping gifted and talented people excel in their growing careers. I've held titles such as a Music Promoter, Club Event Coordinator, Music Marketer, Blogger, and Publicist, and to this day, I still get referred by people for services as a PR Professional or Social Media Strategist.

In each of these positions, I was successful because of the success of my clients and the outreach of my network, but one thing I did not have was time for myself and my own talents outside of marketing and PR. 

Founder Tia Hart
My Journey

Due to a lack of acknowledging my own gifts and talents, over time, it affected my mental health. From deadlines to excessive typing and copywriting to content designing and press releases, not to mention also prioritizing being a great wife and mother to 2 toddlers, my skills in multitasking were a danger to my sanity. One day, I decided I needed to fully reset, recharge, and find myself again through isolation. Little did I know that this isolation would birth my spiritual journey. 

Starting a family and giving birth to new life twice within 2 years woke me to what was important in life. It wasn't who you knew or who knows you. Yet, I was so used to that due to being a Navy Brat my entire adolescence. I realized I had became a victim to "inclusion addiction" by wanting so badly to make sure people knew who I was- because I was always just "the new girl."

Isolating myself, I turned back into the new girl, only this time, I was going to just be me- I do not need to fit in; I need to live, love, laugh, and align with people whom I have things in common with. 

My "Why" Moment

So, what was my "Why" moment that triggered my epiphany to take back my life? It started in 2014 after giving birth to my first son. I survived a DVT (blood clot) 2 weeks afterward and then battled depression. Then, in 2015, I had my second son, and 12 weeks later, I faced another DVT. This time around, I battled postpartum depression. It wasn't until 2017 that I finally reached my breaking point. 

No matter how busy I was or how much I smiled, I was mentally exhausted, and the only person that was there was my husband and mother. Nobody else could see what I was battling, and when I isolated myself, I saw who truly knew the real me. The storms I faced during those 3 years watered a soul that had been buried since she was a teenager.

In 2018, I found a way to do what I love (help people) and turn it into something I could teach my sons as they grew older. This journey has aligned me with other people also on their spiritual journeys and strangers who have blessed my life with encouragement and advice. Taylored Hart incorporates activities that were taught to me and brought me back to life. 


The Mission

To help people find optimal peace and learn to practice mindfulness through customized tools for prayer and/or meditation, personalizing spiritual coaching through meditation and journaling services, and curating self-care activities.


Helping people has always come naturally to me, and I also discovered this within my own natal chart reading. 


I started calling this journey #FindYourPeace, and I've recommended it to anyone who has come to me for advice or who has used my shoulder to lean on. I aim to continue helping people find and create a balanced life that prioritizes their well-being and celebrates all aspects of their true selves. 


In a world of tech and social media, it’s time to start nurturing our minds, bodies, and souls more than ever.

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WholeHARTed Commitment

I provide a comprehensive set of 1-on-1 services to help boost your confidence, build habits, and/or offer support as you navigate your spiritual journey, self-awareness, and lifestyle challenges. I work with clients closely to achieve real self-care results. Please browse my services below and contact me if you want to work with me. 

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Online Meditation

Private 1:1


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Energy Cleansing

Zodiac Chart

Birth Chart



I am a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and not a licensed medical professional. The mindfulness meditation and journal coaching sessions offered are intended for inspirational self-care purposes and are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or a licensed mental health professional before starting any new practice, including meditation, if you have any diagnosed health or mental health conditions or are taking any medications.

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