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2024 Lunar Affirmation Calendar (2nd Edition)

2024 Lunar Affirmation Calendar (2nd Edition)


Calendar purchase comes with a FREE print ready digital Planner and will arrive with one (1) Signature Sage Bundle for the New Year. Shipping date is December 20, 2023.


**Pre-Orders only, at this time, to allow time needed for the preparation and charge of your Sage Bundle.


With the 2024 printable Lunar Affirmation Calendar & Planner, you can: 

  • Plan with the lunar cycles and seasonal rhythms with Affirmations
  • Slow down to set intentions and pause to hear your intuition
  • Integrate a more meaningful approach to your time and manifest your goals!


More Info:


You might ask, "What is a Lunar Affirmation?" or "What does the moon have to do with affirmations?" At Taylored Hart, we love to incorporate the phases of the moon (lunar cycles) in all our activities, from meditation to smudging/ cleansing, and even self-care rituals.


The lunar cycle is important because of the ways it impacts life on earth including plants, animals, and humans: time, tides, light, and energy. For example, it's thought that at the New Moon and Full Moon, like the ocean tides, our emotions are pulled to the surface, and feelings are heightened. Some researchers theorize that humans are reacting to subtle gravitational changes in the Earth's magnetic field that occur with the Moon phases. This is when we should take advantage of self-activities and focus on our health and energy through activities we call Self-Care Rituals and Journaling with Affirmations.

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